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Simon 3

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Frank, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Who has a Simon 3? I was thinking about getting one for my home. I
    know it's wireless, does it use X10 or some other protocol? I've
    tried X10 and found it to be horribly unreliable. That may have been
    X10's products though. Is the Simon 3 rock solid, never a false

    What is an equivalent hard-wired system, with voice?

    When I had my X10 "weatherproof", "eagle eye" motion detectors, water
    leaked into all of them, rusted them out, ruined the batteries, and
    basically turned them into junk. This was just from rain.
  2. I install roughly 20 SIMON 3 systems a week in pensacola. Yes they use X-10
    for the lamp modules, extra sirends etc..and I think they're pretty
    reliable. The Panel is very very simple to use. I reccommend it.

  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Is it possible to have the Simon 3 trigger a sequential camera changer
    when it detects motion? I don't see any wired outputs on it.
  4. there are 2 hardwire zones on the simon 3

  5. Bossman

    Bossman Guest

    It is X-10 compatible but it does not use X-10 for
    transmitting/receiving signals from it's devices. It uses X-10 to
    operate X-10 lamp modules etc. The motions and wireless transmitters
    are common to the entire (mostly) ITI (now GE Interlogix) line
    (Concord etc.) and are great. Housing is a little flimsy on motions,
    but I find them reliable, as far as wireless goes.

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