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Simon 3 Question

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Polyfusion, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Polyfusion

    Polyfusion Guest

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Simon 3 security system and came a cross
    the Installation Instructions online
    It lists 4 Control Panel Models:

    60-875-95R (basic panel)
    60-875-01-95R (with *2-way voice)
    60-875-10-3 (with *transmitter)
    60-875-11-3 (with *2-way voice and *transmitter)
    * Not investigated for use by UL.

    What is the transmitter and what does it mean "Not investigated for
    use by UL" and does it mean the whole system or just those features?

    Also is there a work around to deter somebody from smashing the system
    after a break in the panel before it calls out. I know most alarm
    systems beep for a few seconds to allow to deactivate it upon entry.

    Last Question, I read it can voice call your cell phone when the alarm
    goes off but I could not find it in the directions on how this works.

  2. David Kratz

    David Kratz Guest

    With the Simon III the workaround for the "smashy smashy" is easy:

    Place your Simon III in a protected location (not in a metal vault

    2. Disable the entry/exit beeps at the PANEL through programming.

    3. Use a remote two-way talking wireless keypad mounted near the entry/exit

    4. Use a wireless siren to signal your entry/exit times, OR use a X-10 lamp
    module and "see" your entry/exit times.
  3. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    The Simon only beeps 2 or 3 times at the start of entry delay
    X-10 is great for lights but thats about it
  4. thesatguy

    thesatguy Guest

    You want the new Allegro unit. The keypad/control unit and the
    communications module are in two different housings so if somebody
    did smash the keypad/control unit the com module would still signal.

    try and you will be redirected to the new GE
    site where you can get info on the unit.
  5. Polyfusion

    Polyfusion Guest

    I can't find anything on the GE site or any other site were to buy or
    any information about the Allegro System.
  6. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    ITI and other manufacturers can be slow updating web pages, its there you
    just have to dig around
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