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sim card interface in a phone

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by pes, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. pes

    pes Guest


    I was asked to change the sim card slot of a phone.
    By removing the old connector broken, I have ripped the track of the
    "D-(USB Inter-Chip)" pin. Do you know if the phones sometimes use this
    interface to communicate with the SIM card and in what circumstances? In
    this case, have you got an idea of ​​the type of circuit that is
    connected to this pin?

    thank you
  2. TTman

    TTman Guest

    I doubt - just for charging, unless there is a camera and then it's for
  3. pes

    pes Guest

    Le 14/09/2012 13:17, Michael A. Terrell a écrit :

    Thank you, but the pin broken isn' t on the USB/charger interface but on
    the SIM connector.

    I think this interface was designed to accelerate the transfer of files
    with the sim card, but these cards haven' t finally integrated many
    flash memory and so are not really used to store large files (pictures,
    .... )
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