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Signal to noise ratio

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Don Stauffer, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Don Stauffer

    Don Stauffer Guest

    This group lately seems to have a typical electronics problem- a very
    low signal/noise. In fact, it seems considerably lower than 1:1 lately.
    I wish I was as good writing spam filters as at linear circuit filters :-(
  2. But if you're expecting much here, you are expecting too much.

    About 1996, long enough ago that I can't remember if it was that year or
    the year before or even 1994, there was sci.electronics, a relatively high
    traffic newsgroup that covered all aspects of electronics. Then it wsa
    divided up into the multiple newsgroups we see in the sci.electronics.*
    hierarchy (well, had previously existed). This
    newsgroup was created for whatever was leftover that didn't fit into
    the other newsgroups. By definition, there shouldn't be much here.

    It seems that most of the time, people posting here may do so because
    they stumble on it, rather than because they have a "misc" question.
    That's why traffic is low.

    It's the wrong newsgroup to use as a standard of traffic, since it's never
    received much traffic from the begining, and by definition shouldn't
    receive much traffic.

    For full details, read Mark Zenier's guide to the sci.electronics.*
    hierarchy at

  3. Computer Man

    Computer Man Guest

    sci.electronics.misc is the natural successor to sci.electronics siince
    Zenier ruined it all by splitting up the groups.

    Post here, and don't bother with the others, and then we may just get back
    to a decent group.
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