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signal and capacitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by jason, Mar 4, 2005.

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  1. jason

    jason Guest

    Hello All

    I wish to know what will happen for the case of 1)DC and 2)AC input
    power or signal to the capacitor in a circuit.
    I heard that capcitor can act as a short or open circuit depending on
    DC or AC(in high or low frequency input power signal or signal itself).

    Can anyone help to explains this clearer in the point of view from
    physics and electronics?

    Kindly share
    Thank you

    rgds and thanks
  2. Guest

    DC - capacitor block current - infinite resistance
    AC - passes thru cap... if w= 0 zero resistance

    Vibhash Chandra Jha
  3. The relationship between current through a capacitor and the voltage
    across it is:

    I=C*(dv/dt), where I is current in amperes, C is capacitance in
    farads, and dv/dt is time rate of change of voltage in volts per

    Since pure DC has zero volts pure second rate of change, the current
    is zero. For any other waveform from pulses to sinusoids, there are
    various rates of voltage change at different times, so different
    instantaneous currents at different times.
  4. jason

    jason Guest

    Thank you All

    The explanations are great.
    I simply amazed with so much of great answer and help from many people
    Thank you so much for who ever written up there to help me
    thank you

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