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Siemens micromaster - connection problems

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by nescafe, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

    I bought some Chinese electronic throttle control.
    It should serve as electric throttle and it has pedal on the side.
    Nothing much, box with pedal that acts like throttle.

    Now the interesting part.
    You need 5V to make this thing work.
    Black wire = negative pole of the battery
    Red wire = plus pole 5V
    Green wire = "output" to controller
    Blue and yellow wire = switch

    My micromaster has this inputs:

    Because MM gives 10V out I connected the e-throtlle to external 5v
    battery. So,how to connect the rest ?

    Like this ?

    2 = green
    3 = blue
    4 = yellow
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    The Black wire (-) of your system, should connect to the
    0 volt terminal of the MM.. THat is the common for the analog input,
    terminal 2.. You also keep this connected to your battery, obviously..

    Green wire goes to terminal 3 of the MM, this is the analog input and
    responds to the 0..10 Volts, however, you'll only be producing 0..5
    volts and for that and you'll need to go into the MM menus for the
    analog input and bump up the gain x 2.

    THe blue and yellow wires are the run/stop, terminals 5 and 9.. THey
    have to be closed for the drive to operate.

    Check the specs on that throttle control and see if 5 Volts was just
    the minimum and if it'll accept 10? if so, then connect the RED wire to
    pin 1, which supplies you a low current 10 volt reference. If you are
    able to go with the 10 volt source and it does generate 10 volts, you
    don't need to go into the menus and bump up the gain for the input.

    If you don't understand that, maybe you should get some one else to
    do this for you. MicroMaster drives are not cheap!

  3. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

    Thank you Jamie for your answer.
    The MM is older one and used but like you write it's not cheap.
    Nevertheless i will watch out for possible errors.

    The supplyer of this electric throttle has suggested 5v input to the
    red/black wires but maybe i can try to connect it directly to 10V of the
    MM. I will check this part with the suppler.
    If i can use 10V,how should i connect the wires ?

    Thank you again !
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    if it does handle 10 volts and 10 volts comes out? Connect the Red wire
    to terminal 1 (10 volt supply), Black wire to terminal 2 (0 volts, DC
    common) and the Green wire to terminal 3.

    The remaining wires are the switch to place the drive in run mode, that
    would be 5 and 9 I think it was..

    Have you thought about using an audio tapered potentiometer with an
    add on switch?

  5. nescafe

    nescafe Guest

    I removed the last electronic throttle control becuse i didn't get any
    regulation at all. If i press the throttle i get change in voltage but
    it very small. It does not start from 0. It's starts from 2,1V and this
    can not be good.

    Instead this control I will use this one:

    When i connect 5v to brown and white i can get some values at brown and
    silver wire. I dont know the setup for this throttle control and i have
    no ides what is what. All i know that in can rise the voltage from 0,2V
    to 3,4V so it is working.
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