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siemens dishwasher

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by arjen, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. arjen

    arjen Guest

    Hi world,

    Sorry to post a little bit off-topic but;.....................

    I am thinking about changing the heater element in a siemens sn25602eu/03

    Found price and availability of the element but could not find anything like
    a manual or procedure on the net.....

    Someone out there must know the procedure .


    KILOWATT Guest

    Search with those keywords my friend!
    siemens dishwasher repair
    There's many sites about dishwasher and appliances
    repair in general. I don't have the time to browse through
    all the results...i let you do your homework! :)

    Montréal Québec
    PS: 1000 excuses for errors or omissions,
    i'm a "pure" french canadian! :)
    Come to visit me at:
    (If replying also by e-mail, remove
    "no spam" from the adress.)
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