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siegfreid and roy and electronics

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by cornytheclown, Oct 5, 2003.

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  1. John Fortier

    John Fortier Guest

    The Deccann Traps are an area of volcanic flow lava, several miles thick
    which cover about 30% of the Indian sub continent. There is an equivalent
    area known as the Siberian Trapps. The Deccann trapps straddle the KT
    boundary but their activity increased significantly after the impact.
    Interestingly enough, at the time of the KT boundary formation, India, as a
    separate continent, was almost exactly opposite the impact site in Yucatan.
    (Plate tectonics). Shock waves would have spread out from the Yucatan impact
    point and re-concentrated at a geologically unstable area on the other side
    of the globe, causing massive volcanism.

    The level of geological violence involved beggars the imagination. Imagine
    hundreds of the worst volcanic eruptions we have seen over the past decades
    all happening simultaneously, and you get some idea. This, in conjunction
    with the effects of the Yucatan impact, turned our planet into hell

    The fact is that after the KY event and the Deccann eruption, the dinosaurs
    were gone, as well as any other land animal that weighed more than a couple
    of pounds. The dinosaurs were the most successful group of animals ever to
    inhabit the earth, and they disappeared effectively overnight. An
    equivalent extinction occurred in the oceans.

    Compared to this kind of violence, our feeble attempts to modify the planet,
    for good or bad are utterly insignificant. Raising the water table in one
    area or stopping desertification of sub Saharan Africa are certainly worth
    while endeavors, but they won't be much use inthe face of the results of a
    comet impact. And if you think that comets don't hit planets, just look at
    the Shoemaker-Levy impact on Jupiter.

    There's nothing deliberately hostile to us in all this. But if we're in the
    wrong place, planet Earth, at the wrong time ;comet impact, viral plague
    outbreak, massive volcanism, global ice age, all of which have happened
    before, we won't really stand much of a chance.

    I'd still like a definition of "meta-species" and some information about
    that event which killed off 90% of the human race, assuming that such an
    event occurred.

    This has got a long way from electronics, but it has been interesting. I
    guess that is one reason these posts aren't particularly moderated.

  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  3. John Fortier

    John Fortier Guest

    Glad to hear it.
  4. -----------------
    Sort of like a "contra-coup" brain-concussion.

    So then that exigency is irrelevant anyway, and as soon as we're off
    earth or have the space-craft to intercept all such, it is once again,
    irrelevant. And that will be VERY soon in time as it is measured
    historically, no more than a moment of time.

    We are beyond evolution and into meta-evolution, or memetic evolution.
    We are conscious, which enables us to totally intentionally undermine
    ANY process of normal genetic evolution that we decide to. Another
    way of saying it is that we are no longer going to evolve, we are
    going to modify our own genetics purposefully, or we may soon even
    evolve out of this form of body and generate a new form of body, and
    all within the next century or two.

    Our numbers were once so few that this may even have occurred several
    times in early human prehistory, that we were down to an unspeakbly
    low number as a new species, not necessarily at that time a distinct
    species, but our offspring were so specifically different that they
    outlived and outbred all previous forms even if we were breeding with
    these others as a species at the time.

    What happened was that the current mitochchondrial DNA that is passed
    only in the mother's line indicate that we actually evolved directly
    from one or only a very few closely related females of the same
    maternal parentage at some point, so that either they spawned a
    drastically different human, perhaps by as little as a change in only
    one base-pair or codon, and one that suddenly had the requisite
    complement to do what no previous erectus-like or transitional homo
    could possibly do, to fully abstract as no previous form had.

    This change was sufficiently profound, that for whatever reason, ONLY
    that same maternal mitochrondrial DNA persists to this day in ALL the
    humans now on this planet, and all other forms have gone!!! This is
    what enabled us to prove the "out of Africa" hypothesis, and to even
    trace when different people's left Africa, and show that todays blacks
    are the most changed mitochondrial DNA since that time, and that the
    last to exit Africa are the least changed.
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