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Should I ?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by CML, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. CML

    CML Guest

    I've been reading for the past few weeks on all the features of
    various alarms/home automation systems. I seem to be leaning towards
    the OmniPro II as it sounds as if it is a great system.

    Yet, from what I understand, and I am still learning, there are many
    features which it does not handle internally and I then would need to
    purchase third party products - most likely HAL2000 or HomeSear.

    Would it be best for me to purchase a less expensive(hard wired) alarm
    system that can interface with a third party product and put my money
    into home automation via software and PC's?

    Here is an example, and maybe it's just my lack of understanding. If I
    purchase the OmniPro II with voice board and mount speakers throughout
    my house I can Listen and Talk from a remote location. Sounds great!.
    Yet, what if I install HAL2000 ... do I need to install a second set
    of speakers/mic's for this product? I want one set of hardware that
    is all linked together.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Homeseer's the way most guys in the automation forum go
    (comp.home.automation). Caddx offers some pretty good features as well
    (both from a security and control standpoint). Check out the Elk Magic
    Module which interfaces directly with it. There are a number of online
    dealers that offer both sales and technical support. You can find them at If you've been lurking
    in the group as you say you have, you must have formed some understanding of
    the group's dynamics and politics. Ignore the noise. There's are good
    people here willing to share both knowledge and expertise.

    As to your question about the speakers. You're talking two different
    systems. While there is a degree of integration with some of them, it
    doesn't extend to the voice interface. I'd ask your question in
    comp.home.automation. There may be a common grill you could use that
    wouldn't be unsightly.

    Frank E. Olson
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  3. What's wrong with a blatant plug?
    No one faults others when they plug their services. I recall you have
    plugged your business also, just as I have.
  4. Petem

    Petem Guest

    jealousy of not being the fist one to PLUG his business!!!!

  5. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Nothing wrong with a "blatant plug" now and then. I was merely pointing out
    his change of "terminology"... Please note the smiley! Don't get your
    knickers in a knot, Alan.... :)

    Frank E. Olson
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  6. CML

    CML Guest

    I appreciate everyones comments and based on those, and other
    postings, I've decided to go with the OmniPro II. Voice automation
    will be a fun project for a later date and it sounds like I'll go with

    One last question. What is the difference between the three software
    offerings. Is the dealer version (HAI1105W) something I will need or
    does the end user version (HAI1106W) meet my needs. Keep in mind I
    plan to install and setup myself. Or, should I go for the Weblink II
    software? Does Weblink II allow for setup of the system or just

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