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SHORTWAVE: What's out there nowadays?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by bruce varley, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. bruce varley

    bruce varley Guest

    Way back I occasionally tuned my receiver outside the ham bands and scanned
    the shortwave broadcast bands. They were a perpetual cacophony of AM
    transmitting propaganda, lots of it seeming to come from Asia,
    radioteletype, strange continuous signals that sounded like motorised
    woodsaws (common opinion was that they were jammers, I never got an
    official explanation), a small amount of sideband transmission, and in
    latter years the 'woodpeckers' or OTH radars. What's the situation nowadays
    relative to then? How has the usage of and demand for HF changed? What's the
    future for it look like? Any officionados out there care to comment?
  2. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    You might be better off asking this on:

    Mike Harding
  3. Leon.

    Leon. Guest

    well what would you expect different ?


    Shortwave jammers and pirates

    The 20-metre amateur band is now home to megawatt shortwave jamming
    transmissions, or their parasitic signals, and an increasing number of Asian
    On any night 5 by 9 plus jammers can be heard on several 14MHz band
    channels. Also to be heard are unidentified CB-like telephony transmissions
    in Asian languages. They are easy to pick being mostly on Lower Sideband in
    the CW segment of 20 metres. If you care about the future of our exclusive
    HF bands, do something about it.

    Send your logged observations to the VK3 Intruder Watch coordinator, Jimmy
    Hall VK3TZE, .

    Also on the website or available from Jimmy VK3TZE on request is a list of
    common intruders being regularly heard in IARU Region III.
  4. Leon.

    Leon. Guest

    A latvian talks about there existing a radio tower which was functioning as
    a jammer.
    Since he lives/lived there, we might trust he got the truth on the matter.

    but you can do your own google search for more info...
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