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Shock Pen (Shocking Device) Please help!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Redink, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. Redink

    Redink Guest

    the thing i want to do is a Shock Pen if you don't know what a shock
    pen is just follow the links

    (If you don't want to read all this just scroll down and see the lsat
    questions and thx for reading.)

    [Shock Pen]

    or just simple type "Shock pen" in google and you will find enough

    now the thing is the place where i like which is India we don't get
    stuff like that.
    so i decided to make one my self.

    things i got hold of
    so far a Pen that can fit a AAA battery
    1 AAA battery
    some wires
    soildering machine
    Capacitors (1000uf 50v electrolytic capacitors)

    thing i think i need is all the above and
    1) Electric Coil

    now by my research on these pens i found out that they give around 30v
    - 60v of
    electric current to the user. and uses small electric coil
    and one person that is helping me says it uses "vibrating reed on a
    coil to interrupt the circuit and generate high voltage spikes."

    but what i don't know is what is a coil?, can i make one my self?, can
    i use a capacitor instead?.

    now since i have a (or 4 to be exact) capacitors of 50v and 2 AA
    what i was thinking is

    How do i charge the capacitor?
    i hooked the capacitors to the battery via matching the polarities but
    how do i know it is chargeing or not??

    all i want to create is some kind of a shocking device that will give
    a noticable shock since this is my science project and would get a A++
    if i am
    successful in it i konw that for sure.

    Please help since i am getting no were and i want to make this.
    the questions i like help on is as follows

    1) How do i charge a capacitor of 50v via 2 AA Battery?

    2) How to discharge them via a LED Blub so i know it was charged?

    3) How do i make a Shocking Device like the Shock Pen?

    4) What things i would need to make such a device?

    Please do try to help me thx.
  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    If you really want to shock someone, spend some time studying the basic
    concepts of electricity.
    This will probably shock your parents.
  3. Guest

    find an electronic cigarette lighter.... and dismantle it then
    reinstall the parts in an ink pen...use some of that indian ingenuity
    to fiqure how to make it switchable so you can shock people with it.
    Flash cameras and grill lighters also contain usabale parts to
    construct the pen... easier than trying to construct your own miniature
    induction coil that will fit inside of an ink pen......
  4. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    A disposable flash camera has all the fixings for a good shock.
    Might even have enough punch to stop your heart.
  5. Redink

    Redink Guest

    First thx for all your replys :D

    "Tom Biasi"
    Thx for the tip i just might do it (Just!!) and this already shock my
    parents so i don't belive i want to give them another shock that i
    actully read books :p

    thx m8 but i don't own a electronic cigarette and even if i manage to
    get it which is not that hard it would be 1) Costly 2) it could actully
    give a spark which will light stuff up or give a bad scar to the person
    rather then just a shock
    but will look into it.

    "Si Ballenger"
    i don't know where to get a disposable flash camera if it even is sold
    and even if it is sold it would be costly ;) and on the topic of
    stoping my heart well i have come close to it quite often then one
    might thing and don't plan to do it on perpose and i don't have any
    heart problems so it's not quite likely to stop my heart that easy :D

    and thx you all for replying the thing is and i am quite sure you
    people can help me in it is that
    i have a 50v capacitor and have created a series out of 2 AA battery
    and should get a 3v around from them since i can light a 3v LED light
    what i intent to do is to charge the capacitor and then with the
    capacitor light the LED light if that i can do then i think i can
    create a shock device.

    so now my question should be
    1) How do i charge the capacitor with the 2 AA battery? (i mean how do
    i hook them up)

    2) if possible can you tell me how to create a shock device from the
    stuff i currently have please? since i don't like to spend more on this
    project then i have to and would like the price of it to be as low as

    thx for all your replys and would be looking forward to reading more....
  6. Guest

    I don't think you could possibly make a shocking pen out of the
    materials you have. Just because the capacitor says it's 50 volts
    doesn't mean it will automatically charge up to that amount, a
    capacitor will only charge to the voltage you give it. each AA battrey
    will supply 1.5 volts, so if you connected them in series (the bump on
    one battery touching the flat end of the other) you will have a total
    of three volts. if you wanted to chagre the capacitors with the two
    batteries you would hvae to connect the two batteries in series and
    then the lead with a white line next to it on the capacitor to the flat
    end that has nothing else touching it and the other end to the bump
    that has nothing else touching it. the only way i know of to tell if
    the the capacitor is chargeing with an LED would be to add it in
    series. Connect the shorter lead of the LED to the flat end of the
    batteryand the longer lead to the side of the capacitor with the white
    line. when the whole circuit is connected the Led should quickly
    brighten, once the LED reaches full brightness, you know the capacitor
    is charged. check this site out for some information on capacitors.
  7. Redink

    Redink Guest

    Thx alot
    seriously thx for the info i will be trying it out tonight.
    then can you please tell me what things i need to build my own shocking
    i am very much into the project and would like to build one my self so
    if possible
    do tell me what things i would need to do it.

    thx you very much
  8. Guest

    i'm sorry, i don't exactly know how these things work, but as people
    mentioned a lighter would work, they have small white squares called
    peziolectric devices that produce a 15+kv pulse, it won't burn people
    or seriously hurt them, as werid as it sounds i sometimes shock my
    thumb with them when i'm bored, there shock is that minor. you can buy
    a lighter from this site

    i'm not sure if these guysship internationally but i have bought
    products from them and they are very reliable sellers. you could buy a
    pen, take it a part and then reasemble it or something like that.
  9. Redink

    Redink Guest

    thx m8 i am currently online if you want to talk or not your choice
    but in any case thx alot you have been alot of help
  10. Redink

    Redink Guest

    in doing some of my research i found certain things that if right i can
    make this shocking device rather easy

    1) What is a coil? is it a normal coper wired just rounded up? is it a
    wired rounded up?

    please tell me what is a coil exactly and i bet i can create a shocking
    device and once i create it i will post the tutorial of doing such a
    thing so others can learn from it.

    thx you all for your posts.
  11. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    Recent studies done on victims of self-inflicted 'peziolectric'
    shocks have indicated that, along with the momentary diversion
    created by the shock, one of the unfortunate side effects is a
    progressive loss of mental acuity. This loss of acuity leads to
    feelings of ennui which only another 'peziolectric' shock will
    alleviate, albeit only temporarily. Unfortunately, the disease is
    progressively degenerative and, in its later stages, results in the
    victim becoming a "clicker", perpetually pressing and releasing the
    trigger on a specially wired, gas-depleted barbecue lighter for
    their "hit".

    Some victims have reportedly, over time, become so blasé that
    they've progressed to "hitting the mains", but not much is known
    about that condition since they're usually found close to an
    electrical outlet, babbling incoherently, with a bobbypin in each
  12. Lumpy

    Lumpy Guest

    I'd like to hear from the OP, why is
    it that you want to build a device
    that inflicts pain, however small,
    on someone else?

    You're obviously not quite sure what
    you're doing. What if you err and produce
    something that will seriously injure or
    kill someone? What if you build just a
    mild 'tickler' but tickle the wrong
    person and he decides to break your face?

    Geez...Whatever happened to cat whisker receivers
    and hot dog resistance cookers.

  13. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    The simplest shock setup I used as a kid is a simple transformer
    and some batterys. Get a transformer out of an old AC powered
    radio. doorbell transformer, or something similar. If you hold
    onto the high voltage wires that would have gone to the wall and
    then start taping the low voltage wires that went to the radio
    across the batterys, a spark/shock should be generated on the
    high voltage side. A 120v/6v transformer use to make a little
    shock/spark for those kid purposes. You probably can charge up an
    old capacitor out of a car ignition with this to the point if you
    touch it you will have something to remember.
  14. Guest

    Ha, very funny. I'll make sure to not become an obsesive clicker, and
    trust me, i'm not going to be sticking a bobby pin in any wall outlets
    any time soon.
  15. Redink

    Redink Guest

    "John Fields"
    John it seems that you have extensive knowledge in this clicking
    business or have extensive experience in it thx for the heads up but i
    do like when i get a small shock trust me my pc is not totaly earthed
    and hence touching the back will get me a good shock, beside do you
    know what happens to your hand when you touch a good amount of voltage
    that comes out of your VCD Player ? the player i have in wiredly wired
    so even if it's of it has enough capacitors to give me a shock
    continusly for around 1 min and i plug it in and then touch it i have
    extensive knowledge on what will happen if i touch a VCD Player like
    that for nearly 30mins i tried alot of stuff and have good amount of
    knowledge that the CIA and KGB might want their hands on ;)

    Well m8 i am trying to do this as a project for a science thing not for
    shocking people
    but i will shock few friends with it once i have shocked my self more
    then 20 times with it and stated that it does not do any damage.

    "Si Ballenger"
    thx for the info m8 but that's not simple i know more simple stuff to
    shock me lol what i am looking for is a shock thing that can work out
    of 2 AA Battery or 1 AAA Battery and is relatively small or campact.
    but thx for the info none the less

    you are sure to not become an obsesive clicker but a clicker none the
    less ;) don't worry your not the only one out their :D

    thx for all your info people i think i am more closer to what i want to
    achive then ever and once i do i will post a tutorial and ofcource give
    credit to people that help me so do look for it but till then do tell
    me how to do stuff :D

    thx once again
  16. ChadMan

    ChadMan Guest

    I have what looks like a cig lighter that uses back EMF from a coil. It
    takes a few times to get the message to the brain that you are being
    shocked, but eventually you get it. You end up pressing harder and I guess
    holding the button down longer each time until you realize there is
    something wrong with it or it's not a lighter.

    So what kind of turns ratio in the X-former to get the back EMF potential
    would you need to feel the shock from a 1.5 volt batt? What potential would
    you need to feel shocked from such a device?

    On the funny bone: My girlfreind got big time mad at me when she forgot
    about my shock pen two weekends ago. I told her the weight should have been
    a clue. She was not happy! I was in tears trying not to let her hear me
    laugh out loud. You know those violent shakes you get from holding laughter
    in? That'll teach to take all the pens out of my desk and not return them!
  17. Redink wrote:

    That sounds like Wagners hammer, a double pole relay wired to interrupt
    its own power supply:

    o- NO
    / NC
    +Ub o--------o o-----------o High voltage out
    -Ub o-----------------------o Gnd

    As the relay energizes, the switch goes from normally closed (NC) to
    normally open (NO), interrupting the power supply to the relay. So the
    relay falls of, and the switch goes back to the NC position. This is
    repeated with a frequency determined by the mechanics of the relay. As a
    result you get an alternating voltage across the relay coil, and since
    the magnetic enery stored in the coil gets converted into an electrical
    impuls when the current is suddenly interrupted, that AC has a
    significant voltage. I once looked at the pulses generated with an
    oszilloscope and the spikes were quite impressive.

    This method of high-voltage generation has three main drawbacks:
    a) The current drawn by the relay will empty the battery quickly.
    b) The relay will not make it for very long.
    c) The very steep impulses generated have high harmonics, which
    interfere with radio reception. Hence authorities tend to take a dim
    view of such contraptions.
  18. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Why don't you use the piezo striker from a barbecue grill? You'll be
    one hell of a zap, I promise!
  19. Redink

    Redink Guest

    thx for the info m8 will look into that coil
    "You know those violent shakes you get from holding laughter in?"
    yup been there :D

    "Dr Engelbert Buxbaum"
    only 1 thing for your m8
    blah blah coil blah blah, blah blah blah blah. high-voltage blah blah
    and i am not jokeing i actually read blah where i did not get you ;) :D
    but thx for the information blah i know what you said made more sence
    then this post but lets just say i am not supposed to know some stuff
    and your post comes in that stuff ;) but thx m8

    "Lord Garth"
    i can't try your suggestion because i don't have a barbecue grill :(
    but you can try it one more time for me ;) would liked to get that hell
    of a zap but i guess it has to wait :(
    thx for the reply m8 :D
  20. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    He's talking about one of these things:

    Run all of the butane out, and peel back enough of the shroud to expose
    the electrodes.

    Voila! Zapper!

    Have Fun!
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