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Shielding from microwaves

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by eric, May 23, 2007.

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  1. eric

    eric Guest

    Hi, I am having a little microwave experiment, and I want to shield some
    cracks from leaking microwaves. A friend said to me that a paper-type
    called "mica" is used for such reasons in microwave ovens. Actually what
    he told me is that it allows microwaves to pass through, but it blurs
    them so as they are not focused as before.

    Is it true, or does anyone know any better way to make leaking
    microwaves less harmful (apart from Faraday cage, this is too hard for
    me to make, I suppose).
  2. Graham

    Graham Guest

    A square or disk of mica is used in the cooking cavity of most modern
    microwaves to cover the waveguide aperture. If you remove it, you can
    see the cylindrical antenna on the magnetron. The mica window is
    there simply to prevent food debris from entering the waveguide.
    It is my understanding that the mica is pretty much transparent
    to the radiation, I wasn't aware of any significant diffraction.

    My first Plustron microwave which would have been well over 20
    years old by now had pieces of ferrite material embedded all around
    the door frame, presumably to choke off any residual radiation.

    Your microwave oven is a Faraday cage, why are you worried
    about its safety?
  3. eric

    eric Guest

    The thing is a classic experiment that proves that there is no ether,
    and does not involve a microwave oven. For various reasons we do not
    want to have microwaves leaking behind the surface they hit. I think the
    ideal for it would be some kind of material that "absorbs" the
    microwaves, as lead does for radiation. If you know such materials or
    have better ideas, it would be great to let me know.
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