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Sharp TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Donald, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. Donald

    Donald Guest

    Model 25G-M60
    Ser# 715730
    Date of manufacture November 1995

    I got this TV to work on and the problem is the power and volume buttons are
    broke, not from the circuit board,
    but from the TV body where they screw on to. They are on a piece of plastic
    that is fastened to the body of the
    TV. They when pressed push on the electrical buttons on the circuit board to
    turn -power on off, and so on.
    Does any one know where I can get this part? If you can help please do,
    thanks in advance.
  2. David

    David Guest

    Get the number off the plastic button assy. Do a google search for
    that part number, will start with JBTN (may not be on the button
    assy). You can order it from any Sharp authorized parts distributor.
    I even think MCM electronics carries those plastic nutton assemblies.

  3. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    The part number you need is Sharp JBTN-1055MEKA. It can be ordered through any
    Sharp parts distributor.
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