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Sharp Microwave turntable motor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by RichK, May 23, 2005.

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  1. RichK

    RichK Guest


    Anyone know where I can the turntable motor for this microwave oven, for
    less than a new oven itself ? :))
    Checked a couple of places on the net, but they are pricing it around $50.
    It's a joke. Is there maybe a universal solution that would keep my body
    parts (arm & leg) intact :)

    Sharp Microwave Oven
    Model R-3A87 or R3A87
    Ser # 71178 Mfg 1995

    Need: Turntable motor PN RMOTDA161WRE0
    MC8 120VAC 50/60Hz
    2.7/2.4W 2.5/3RPM


  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    From our experience, the motor would have to meet specifictions, both
    mechanical, and electrical.

    You can call around to some of the electronics parts suppliers that
    sell parts for servicing appliances and electronic equipment, but in
    the end, they may have to order the same part as the one from the
    origional manufacture.

    The only other alternative you have is to get a scrapper microwave oven
    that is if the same manufacture, and the same model, or the same for
    its parts. Using parts from a scrapper unit, does not gaurantee that
    the used replacement part will be reliable.

    Jerry G.
  3. RichK

    RichK Guest

    Thanks Jerry G.,

    Called a couple, but they all want $50. Cheapest was $42. For that I would
    install a hand crank and turn it each time I'm cooking :)
    replacement part will be reliable.

    I'll try to keep an eye open for a thrasher, but you are right it may be
    just as bad. I took the motor and gears apart. The problem was a real
    cheap plastic set of gears that got stripped - nothing one can fix with
    epoxy. Seems the current trend in applience design is to include one part
    which is sure to fail and make the appliance a nuisance to use, such that
    you'll buy a new one. If the gears were 50% bigger, the cost would not be
    any different.


  4. Doug

    Doug Guest

  5. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    At this point, you have either two choices. If the rest of the oven is
    in good order, you can either buy a new motor, or replace the complete

    As for making a manual crank, this is a funny one. I just hope you are
    not serious. You would not want to take the chance of having something
    in your microwave oven that is not rated for its environment.

    It is not recomended to substitute replacement parts unless properly
    rated, or use replacement parts that are not rated to be used in a
    microwave oven. The devices used in these appliances are rated for the
    conditons of use.

    Many types of plastics, paints, laquors, and materials may possibly
    break down, and release toxic gasses, or may have a risk to catch fire.

    For the parts used in appliances, they must meet very strict standards
    for their location of application.
    time and agrivation to fix a microwave oven. If this was my oven at
    home, I think my wife would have thown both me and the oven out by now,
    in claim of being chinsy over such a small thing!

    Infact, about 8 months ago, our micowave oven started to make some
    noise from the turn table motor. I found the bearings to be starting to
    fail. Since I didn't want to spend the time on it, I put it back
    together. I then went over to Sears, and bought a new one right away.
    About an hour later, it was unpacked and on our counter, ready to heat
    up things for our supper. Since the old one was still working okay, I
    donated it to a local church in our area.

    Jerry G.
  6. RichK

    RichK Guest

    I seem to remember that there were turntables once which were spring
    powered, but do not see them anymore.

    Of course I could put this 99% good oven in the dumpster, but I always try
    to exhaust all options, before I do this. It may even be more costly or
    time consuming to repair, but within reason I give it a try. It's a
    challange. Anyone can carry it to a thrash :))

    Yes, that was a joke :) ...but I was thinking of some way to do it.
    There's very little room however.
    I have one large Panasonic oven that's over 25 years old. Very simple
    controls. Takes two people to carry it. Still works :) Tray does not
    turn. I can sure say, they don't make them like they used to.

    This much newer Sharp, has a piece of sh*t turntable motor, designed either
    by a nincompoop of an engineer, or some sly marketer.
    You're either much richer JerryG, or love to watch your local dump pile grow


  7. Seafarer

    Seafarer Guest

    Worked on a lot of Sharps and the turntable is plastic crap,so are
    most of the others too.They are interchangeable in a lot of them so
    look for a scrapper and test the motor with an external 12v[UK] hook
    Replaced one two weeks ago under guarantee and thought it funny it
    went after four months,the lady said she had defrosted a 12 pound
    turkey in it!'nuff said.
    "Trafalger Bi-Centenial"
    "Remember Admiral Collingwood,
    the real victor at Trafalger,
    Nelson had the glory,
    Collingwood won the battle!"
  8. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    The plastic repair specialists can sometimes repair those gears - might be
    worth asking, but since there are so many microwaves dumped in the tip these
    days why not grab a couple and see if you can find a good motor

  9. RichK

    RichK Guest

    Hi David,

    I would cannibalize one, but I do not know of a microwave "graveyard" :)
    Years ago, when city dumps were not regulated, you could go and find what
    you needed in cases like this. Nowadays, I don't even know where take the
    old appliances. My township charges about $50 for disposing a large TV or a
    wash maschine, but they do not tell you where they go :))

  10. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    The local tips are my graveyard - they have a recycle policy and I get some
    good stuff from them. The tip at nearest big town (50,000) has lots more stuff
    - usually there are at least a dozen or so microwaves there at any one time.
    Local tip charges 50c or a $1, big town tip which runs the recycle program as a
    business might charge $2 to $5 for a good (apparently) m/wave or computer etc,
    and you can bring it back for xchange if NBG!

  11. NSM

    NSM Guest

  12. RichK

    RichK Guest

    Thanks for that link. There's a local group. Not so much for the subject
    at hand, but would like to give stuff away, which is no longer needed but in
    good working order.

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