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Shaker Maker

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Adam Aglionby, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. Not the classic kids toy:

    But Light Emmitting Sticks, vibration powered LED light sticks:

    Goes with their piezo powered light up paper fan:

    Thanks to JJHitt for this rough translation of the Japanese page:
    There is an ability to convert mechanical energy and electrical energy
    alternately in the piezo-electric device. Various applications such as
    ultrasonic dispatching and vibrating sensor and signal filter have been born
    making use of this character.
    At our company it started advancing the development which removes electrical
    energy from the piezo-electric device which still is unreclaimed field in
    these application fields.
    The light-emitting diode which lights up mechanical energy making use of the
    piezoelectric バイモルフ element and that
    energy which change in electrical energy (LED) molding as one unit, the part
    luminous stick where new concept shines personally (LES) it developed the
    fact that this time it introduces.

    Like below there is a feature which is superior in this element, development
    of future various applied applications is expected.

    * General purpose as a part increases by the fact that it unifies, promotion
    and future cost decrease of standardization become possible.
    * As the whole with the mold material vulnerability of the ceramics is
    supplied by the fact that impregnation it does, it improved anti-
    environmental efficiency.
    * Converting collision energy of the self to electrical energy, because it
    radiates, カオティック of the motion
    body it made the production of the light which is adjusted to the movement

    *Reference information
    External size 2 we plan those of size of type.
    Long size: Length 46 mm× width 10 mm× thicknesses 3 5 mm
    Short size: Length 30 mm× width 8 mm× thicknesses 3 5 mm<<<

    Anyone know more?

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