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Service manauls for vintage Pioneer LD Players?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sam Goldwasser, Feb 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi:

    I'm looking for original service manuals or good scans of service manuals for
    early '80s helium-neon laser-based Pioneer LaserDisc players including the
    LD-660, LD-1100, PR-8210, and so forth. I am aware of some Web sites like
    the Dragan's Lair Project (, which have PDFs for download but
    the diagrams and schematics of those are not even barely legible.
    The LaserDisc UK Web site ( seems to
    have similar scans.

    There are also commercial sites like Stereo Manuals
    ( that have original manuals in good condition
    but I can't justify the prices just for my curiosity. I can't tell
    from some of the other manaul suppliers if what they charge for is any
    different than the Dragon's Lair manuals, above.

    Anything I obtain would be for information purposes and would not be made
    public without permission.


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  2. Blaine Young

    Blaine Young Guest

    The Pioneer LD-660, LD-1100, PR-8210, Magnavox VH-8010 and Sylvania
    VP-7200 are all based on the same Pioneer assemblies.

    Phillips (for the Magnavox and Sylvania units) only have photocopies
    of the manuals (or at least they did about 10 years ago when I
    purchased mine), but I do not think it's complete.

    Pioneer used to have the main portion of the manuals (one for each
    player) through their parts department, but there is a supplemental
    portion of the manual (the same part number for all three models) that
    is out of print and I've been unable to find it in 10 years of


  3. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    What sort of dimensions were the He-Ne lasing tubes in these m/cs ?
    Just curious
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