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Service codes for JVC AV-28GT1S

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by V1234, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. V1234

    V1234 Guest


    Can anyone help with the service codes for the service menu on this tv.
    I can get into the service menu by holding down MUTE & INFO buttons,
    but the adjustments have no titles, just codes (i.e 00, 01, 02 etc)
    I am after either a service manual or a list for the adjustment codes.
    I need to adjust the vertical size/height as the tv is missing the
    scrolling bar on Sky News etc in all picture modes.
    I believe that adjusting this will affect the pincushion as well, so
    will need to know which areas need adjusting and which need leaving

    Can anyone help


  2. Guest

    It is YOUR television and you can do whatever you want BUT your are
    best advised to STAY OUT of the service codes unless you want to pay
    some big bucks for a service technician to straighten out your set.
    The codes are cryptic at best, and there are items there that can
    really screw things up.... this is a "service menu" meant for
    adjustment by service techs that HAVE the JVC factory service
    documentation and test equipment in order properly set the codes.
    TAKE your television to a JVC authorized servicer for this kind of
    work. It will be much cheaper if you do not mess with the service
    menu first.
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