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Serial Port Design for Z80 - Questions

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Commander Dave, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Greetings!

    I wanted to add a serial port to my 1981 Gorf arcade machine. Since it is
    really just a specialized Z80 computer, I was just going to tap the signals
    from the Z80 pins and create a small sub-board with a UART. I haven't really
    got this working yet and was since I have virtually zero experience with any
    hardware design, thought I might beg a question or two.

    First, you can see the schematic and other info here: (or: )

    First, was there a better UART that I could have chosen? The 16C550 seems to
    have been around for quite awhile. I am looking for mainly availability and
    simplicity rather than cost or other factors.

    Second, I have to tap all the signals from the bottom of a card cage by
    running individual wires to my board. I currently have this hard wired which
    is a pain for debugging purposes. I need a connector system that takes these
    individual wires and turns it into some kind of plug that could go into a
    socket. I'm not too great with finding what is out there. Can someone make a
    suggestion on what to use to do this? There are 20 signal connections that
    need to be made on the current design.

    Third, I know I am a total newb with design and prototyping. If you see
    obvious errors with my design or implementation, please feel free to let me
    know. Please be kind though, I bruise easily... :)

    -Commander Dave
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