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Serial communincation between two Microcontroller using IR

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by nikhilele, May 27, 2006.

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  1. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    I want to make serial communication between two microcontroller using
    but i donot want to use IR reciever moudels (from vishay) instead i
    want to use simple IR led as transmitter and IR photo-diode as
    to decrease the cost.
  2. Decrease cost ? Well, you need to design a decent
    receiver first.

  3. Digi-key has logic output IR receivers for $1.08

    That will simplify things considerably though you will have to modulate
    the transmit end but it is not at all difficult.

  4. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    and that decent reciever can be built using opams like lm324
  5. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    is it necessarry to modulate the signal cann't we send it as ASK or OOK
  6. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

    You wont get much range unless you use a modulated signal. The
    modulation and the coding can all be done in software...

    This is how I did my 2-way IR link.

  7. Oh, can it ? At what speed for what baud rate ?
    With a fixed gain ?

  8. Please define cost.
  9. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Get the modules from Radio Shack. ;-)

    Good Luck!
  10. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

    Those recievers go for about $4 in the little metal can. They are VCR
    leftovers. The TSOP4838 from digikey is about $1 and fits in a smaller

    Luhan "El Cheapo" Monat
  11. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    With a modulated signal (typically around 40 KHz) from the sender and a
    bandpass filter for the same modulation frequency on the receiver then
    you can be relatively immune from spurious signals, particularly big DC
    signals like sunlight or even incandescent bulbs.

    An outgoing signal is easy to modulate. On the receiver side, you'll
    have to run the numbers to see whether it's more cost effective to spend
    non-recurring engineering costs in designing your own receiver or to
    just buy a canned module.

    If it's for self/class/curiousity, then a build-it-yourself would be a
    fun project. If for a commercial product, much harder to justify. There
    may also be patent issues involved in a new design where, presumably,
    royalties and rights for commercial use would already be part of the
    price of an off-the-shelf unit.
  12. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    I have got some IR reciever module from the local market costing 0.4$
    it is like TSOP1738 module,
  13. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    Total cost should be of project should be less then 5$
  14. roxlu

    roxlu Guest


    I've done a similar project where I used two pic16f628 to communicate
    rs-232 over infrared. I've posted some messages on this yahoo group:

    Search for IR and rs-232. I've got a design at home, which I can send
    to you.

    Greetings Roxlu
  15. nikhilele

    nikhilele Guest

    I have designed the same using 89c2051 controller
    and its working fine.

    now I am planning for RF.
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