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sending video to multiple monitors and other tricks

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by max slomoff, Sep 28, 2003.

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  1. max slomoff

    max slomoff Guest

    i found out that with a video splitter and maybe a signal amplifier i
    can send the same video signal to multiple monitors.

    i also found out that every tv monitor has a 75 ohm impedance switch
    which is usually on. if you can de activate this switch, you can send
    the video on from that monitor to the next in a link instead of
    needing a splitter.

    question one is - how easy is it to find and disable that 75 ohm
    switch in a regular consumer monitor? i just bought an old sony "cube"
    design monitor and it has a switch on the back pannel, and an output
    so you can send the video signal on. how would you disable this in a
    consumer monitor?

    question two is - what is the hardware called that would take a video
    signal, split it into quarters or 9ths and then send each piece to
    another monitor, so if i wanted i could stack the monitors and have
    one huge image?

    question three is - what other kinds of tricks are out there for
    manipulating video images with hardware thats easily accessable? i was
    wondering if there's any way to delay a video signal. If i split the
    same signal to four different monitors, could i delay one of them so
    it plays a little behind the rest?

    thanks a lot for the information.
  2. On monitors I've dealt with (most were for use in a TV Broadcast
    studio), there were two video connectors on the read panel, with the
    75 ohm termination switch nearby, and easily accessible without
    removing any covers.
    video distribution amplifier
    You can delay by nanoseconds by using coax cable (about 1.5 nS per
    foot). For any noticeable delay, you need serious electronics, or
    perhaps videotape. (at one station, we did a video delay using two 2"
    broadcast video recorders side-by-side - record on one, and play back
    on the other (with the tape carefully draped between the machines)).
  3. There is no 75 ohm switch on a regular consumer monitor.
    There is auite often 75 ohm termination resistor somewhere
    in the monitor that does this 75 ohm termination.
    By removing that resistor could make such device "high impedance"
    so you can daisy-chain many of those to same cable.
    This usually involves getting the schematic, then figuring out
    where that resistor is and then removing it. And then possibly
    chanign the connections so that there is input and output
    connectors for diasy-chaining.
    I think that those are called video wall processor.
    With a powerful PC, a video capture card, graphics card
    with video out you can do quite many tricks with suitable
    How much do you want to delay it ?

    For very short delays, a long coaxial cable will do.
    For longer delays you propably need some active electronics
    like timebase corrector, framestore etc.
    What is the point of doing this ?
  4. max slomoff

    max slomoff Guest

    the point of doing all this is simply to set up a dynamic multi
    monitor display.

    you mentioned software and a computer? can you give me some names of
    software that do real time fx?
    would i feed the video to the computer and run it out? or would i have
    the video on a computer and run it all out from there to different
  5. Go here and find out all about them. They're awesome!


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