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SemiConductor Packaging in China

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by alias, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. alias

    alias Guest

    Dear all,

    Am an MBA student and have been searching for information for my MBA
    project, with no such luck.

    I am specifically looking for the following information with regards
    to my project "The case of investing in the Semiconductor Packaging
    Industry in China"

    Q1) Total Market Size (Vol and Revenue)
    Q2) Top players in the market (and if possible the market share of the
    players in the market).
    Q3) List of Supply (factors/inputs) required for production of
    semiconductor packaging.

    Will be delighted to hear from anyone who can share information
    related to the above or can provide me with supportive leads.

  2. You would be best off to contact the Chinese consulate. I would think
    that they would help you about how to find the right contacts. It is
    best to go direct, than to hear opinions through the news groups.

    Jerry G.

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