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Semiconductor manufacturers who's who (historical reference)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by rangerssuck, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. rangerssuck

    rangerssuck Guest

    It seems that hardly a month goes by without some semiconductor manufacturer changing names, either because they were acquired by another, spun off asa separate company or whatever.

    Does anyone have a pointer to a who's who history of these companies?

    The reason I want it is because sometimes I'll spec a part and my customer will say something like, "ON Semiconductor? Who the heck are they?" and I'll say, "They used to be Motorola." and the customer who obviously has neverheard of ON but has heard of Motorola is comfortable with that.

    I've had this conversation more than once, and there have been times that Idid not know the answer. It would help to have a cheat sheet.
  2. John S

    John S Guest

    Not from the tube days, maybe, but Fairchild is pretty old. From the
    60's, I believe.
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    I have a collection of Sprague logic IC's.. I don't see them very much
    any more..

    Btw, I found matched pairs of RCA transistors in my collection not to
    long ago, still sealed in their paired packages. Maybe that will become
    an Ebay grab one day! :)

  4. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    RCA started in 1919, definitely exploited tubes (or valves in my

    Philips - now NXP was founded in 1891 to make filamenent lamps.

    Ferranti was even older, founded in 1885 to make big alternators

    You like some of their transistors, including some of the avalanche-
    breakdown parts they have made in Russia.

    Plessey was originally founded in 1917. Phil Hobbs liked some of their
    IC's. I worked for them for a while, in Australia
  5. miso

    miso Guest

    Sprague was bought by Allegro. Allegro is really the US arm of Sanken.

    While we're at it, Cherry was bought by On.

    I think you could make a list of who begat who by reading the wikis of
    the present day semiconductor companies and looking at the acquisitions.
  6. Bill Sloman

    Bill Sloman Guest

    Come to think of it, even Texas Instruments - nominally founded in
    1951 - started off as Geophysical Service in the 1930's

    providing geological information to oil companies, and build sonar-
    based submarine detection gear for the US Navy during WW2
  7. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    That crowdsourced semi database website from the Netherlands with
    the slightly risque name had good company histories and logo data
    as I remember. (Maybe somebody with less brain fade than I do can
    remember the name).

    If it went the way of all things net (evaporating or going commercial),
    it might be archived somewhere like "the wayback machine" site.

    Mark Zenier
    Googleproofaddress(account:mzenier provider:eskimo domain:com)
  8. it's not the same as the original fairchild.

    TI pretty darn old and the same company. The

    EDI in NY has been around since 1951, and there's probably other small
    specialty companies from around the same era still in operation.

    Sanken is pretty old too. They claim founding in 1946 and their lab
    opening in 1937.
  9. Next some company will change name to "OFF". ON sounded stupid when the branded the new name, but now its rings fine and is hard to forget


  10. Charlie E.

    Charlie E. Guest

    Back when I was with Cadence, I saw this one chart that listed all the
    companies that had merged/been acquired/been assimiliated to become
    Cadence. It was on a legal sized sheet of paper, and listed a couple
    of dozen companies...

  11. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    BUT..the Fairchild of now is NOT the original Fairchild (which used
    to be a fair-sized conglomerate).
    Hell, they do not even have anywhere the semiconductor breadth of the
    original company.
  12. Uwe Hercksen

    Uwe Hercksen Guest


    a lot of history is found here:

  13. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    I've always called it "O-N", since it's capitalized.
  14. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    So did I.
  15. Uwe Hercksen

    Uwe Hercksen Guest

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