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self programming

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Pete, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Hi there.
    I recently bought a house that has a system that was working with ADT,
    but had been unused for a while. It's a Ademco Lynx. (wireless)
    I don't plan to use it through any central service, and frankly, the
    installation is quite poor... The control pannel is right by the door,
    with the power supply and the phone line clearly visible 3 feet away,
    so I don't think it is very safe by itself... (honestly, If I were a
    burglar, it would take me 15 seconds to completely destroy the pannel
    and cut the phone line) Not counting that the previous owners had
    painted over the motion detector (while the system was still used)
    because it "looked nicer that way"... (I was able to remove the paint
    over the window and it seems to be working fine)
    But I've read in the manual that the control pannel can be setup to
    send a message to a pager, instead of calling some central office. That
    would suit me since I have to carry a pager 24/7 for my work, and I
    thought it could be "fun" to watch the house that way. But apparently
    that option needs to be setup by the "technical representative". I
    believe it has to use a software called "Compass", but apparently it's
    reserved for professionnal.
    Is there a way to program that function through the console?

    I don't know how that "lynx" system is rated amongst the security
    sytems but I find it quite unsafe by design, since the "brain" is
    "under" the keyboard entry pannel, and it has to be placed with
    relative easy access. I mean, anyone entering the house could totally
    disable it with a good slam of a hammer or a crobar in less than 15
    seconds, if not simply ripping it off the wall.


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