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Self charging cell phone battery

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bob, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. This general idea is hardly new. There have been patents for gadgets you
    attach to your leg, and body movements generate electricity to charge a

    The problem with this patent is that it uses a piezo device. Unfortunately,
    they don't generate very much energy. You'd certainly be able to "top off"
    the battery, but I don't think you'd be able to bring it back from a heavy
    discharge very quickly. Maybe the former is all they care about.
  2. I'm surprised nobody has made a wind-up cell phone. Besides not
    I have a hand-crank radio/flashlight/charger that can charge cell phones.
    The problem with building it into the phone iteself is that it's "too big"
    for such a small device.

    As the drive would have to be connected to computer that could power it, and
    the wind-up mechanism + interface would be more complex than a motor -- what
    would be the point?
  3. Incidentally, I designed, prototyped, but never produced a
    You said '80s for the floppy-disk drive, which is what I was referring to..

    Really? Perhaps for the RF transistors, but not the rest of the device.
  4. mm

    mm Guest

    I don't like hand exercises. Maybe you could connect it straight to
    my jaw, so it would charge when I talked.
  5. I suppose you don't want to hear about my gasoline engine-
    Does it meet EPA specs?

    I could be wrong, but my memory is that germanium transistors were "dead and
    gone" by the early 70s. Certainly they'd disappeared in audio equipment.
    Germanium devices had higher carrier mobility, so at that time (I believe)
    they offered better performance at VHF and higher frequencies. (This pager
    was UHF.)

    Is there really such a thing as a rechargeable mercury battery?

    One of my uncles had an earphone-only "very-large-pocket" radio that used
    two of these.
  6. The big advantage of germanium for portable equipment
    Didn't some of those pagers run on a single AA cell? You're right -- even
    with a switching supply, that would have been difficult with silicon
    devices. At least, if you wanted to get reasonable battery life.
  7. jeff_wisnia

    jeff_wisnia Guest

    Seiko makes "Kinetic" quartz watches now:

    I wonder if the "tiny technological marvel" mentioned as the energy
    storage device is a supercap or a rechargable battery?

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