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Selecting Appropriate Lightning Arrester

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Ferdinand Perillo, Apr 15, 2016.

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  1. Ferdinand Perillo

    Ferdinand Perillo

    Apr 6, 2016
    I am confused on how to select appropriate lightning protection on my Off-grid power system.

    My power system is conjoint in one pole together with a load that is connected in dc power source which is the solar panel and wind turbine.

    These are the devices that is connected on the power source:

    *2pcs of 300W 36V Solar Panel @ 600W Configuration

    *1pc of 500W 24V Wind Turbine

    *1pc of 24V Wind and Solar Hybrid Charge Controller

    *12pcs of 12V 200Ah Battery @ 24V 600Ah Configuration

    And here are the loads that I will going to use along with their DC-Rating

    *antenna - 8.5W max consumption, power supply is 24V 0.5A PoE adapter

    *camera1 - 10W, 5V 2 A adapter

    *sensor1 - 216mW, 12V 1A adapter

    *sensor2 - 180mW, 12V 1A adapter

    *RTU1 - 6W, 12V 2A Adapter

    *RTU2- 4W, 12V 2A Adapter

    *IP Phone - 12W. 12V 2A Adapter

    *Amplifier - 200W 12V

    *Router Board - 3W 12V

    My question is....

    What are the basis on selecting appropriate dc lightning arrester on the power system?

    How many lightning arrester am I going to use with this kind of setup? (if it is conjoint in one outdoor pole together)

    Thanks in advance :)
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