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Seeking serial port (RS-232) data acquisition board *suggestions*

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by darin Ginther, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. I'm needing a low cost board that has a serial interface (RS-232, 9
    pin I think). Minimum of 3 analog inputs or two analog inputs and one
    It doesn't have to be very fast, but the digital input could have
    frequencies that are as fast as 250 Hz.

    Most of the products I've found are in the $90 range. I'm looking for
    less expensive.
    I'd prefer something in a board format that can be intergrated into a

    The lowest price device I've found is: ($25)
    And I don't know how they'd feel about me integrating it into a stand
    alone product... IE, software and hardware interface.

    It's only 4800 baud though. I'd be better off with something that's
    9600 baud or faster.

    Automotive data - 02 sensor, rpm trigger (digital?), a few other

    Suggestions appreciated!
  2. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    If you only need one or two, this is a cheap as it gets.

    If you need more, build it your self. But you won't get below $25 each
    unless you make 100s.

    Good Luck
  3. kumar

    kumar Guest

    I can provide u a RS232 data acquisition board at a cost of USD$19.5/-
    with your specification. This price is without shipping charges. Let
    me know where r u located, for what application r u looking for and
    how much quantity u need.

  4. I agree, $25 is pretty cheap. It's 4800 baud though and I'd prefer
    some kind of board that I can integrate into a box. I'd pay twice
    that if I could find what I'm looking for.
  5. Steve Parus

    Steve Parus Guest

    Linear's Delta Sigma ADC's can be powered from serial port. Data
    sheets show how to control and transfer adc results into serial port.
    < $10 each. Demo boards available.
  6. If you're making more than ten of these it will quickly become worth it
    to do it yourself. Get a microcontroller with a built-in UART (should
    do 115kbps without too much trouble if desired) and built-in ADC. 8
    10-bit analog channels for $4 with more digital than you can shake a
    stick at. Stick it on a board with a max232. If you can keep the
    analog inputs in the 0 to 5V range and really want to keep the parts
    count down, get a max233 and do the entire thing with two ICs and no
    external passive components.

    I know Atmel has some parts which will do this easily and I imagine most
    of the competition does as well.
    If you have any significant volume they'd probably be happy to hook you
    up with something in a different package.
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