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Seeking relatively basic survey on TDOA analysis

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Steven O., Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Steven O.

    Steven O. Guest

    I am seeking a document which can be downloaded, and which contains a
    relatively basic introduction to Time-Delay-Of-Arrival analysis, of
    the kind that might be used for locationing in, say, a GPS, or similar
    system. I'm a tech writer; the company I work for is doing some work
    in this area, and I'd like to get a bit more background.

    I've done a Google on the subject, and there is no shortage of
    documents out there; the problem is finding one at the right level
    for my needs. I find some articles which are clearly for popular
    audiences, and others which assume at least a Masters in EE or digital
    signal processing. I'm somewhere in between.

    I need something which:
    1. Is at roughly sophomore/junior level of engineering math.
    2. Has illustrations to accompany the math (I need a bit of
    hand-holding with my math)
    3. Preferably covers at least two or three different algorithms.

    Any leads/links would be greatly appreciated.

    Steve O.

    Standard Antiflame Disclaimer: Please don't flame me. I may actually *be* an idiot, but even idiots have feelings.
  2. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    One of your search keywords should be "geomatics"- see:
  3. Sam Wormley

    Sam Wormley Guest

    GPS Kindergarten & Up by Jerry Huang, ACME Services
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