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Seeking info on distance learnings programs in EE

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Steven O., Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. Steven O.

    Steven O. Guest

    I am seeking some information on distance learning programs in
    electronics. This message has three parts: (1) Some basic background
    on my own educational background and professional experience. (2) My
    short-term interest in electronics courses at the community college
    level. (3) Longer-term interest in distance learning programs at the
    Masters level.

    (1) I earned my B.A. over twenty years ago from a respected four year
    college, where I studied physics and applied math. In the years since
    then, I have kept up with technology via studied in computer
    programming, further classes in applied math (differential equations,
    complex analysis, and related courses), and most recently, a couple of
    classes in electronics (basic digital electronics, and basic circuit
    theory). I work as a technical writer, documenting software and

    (2) For the short-term, I am seeking distance learning classes at the
    community college level to round out my basis knowledge of
    electronics. I can probably use another class in circuit theory,
    probably covering topics at the level of AC steady-state analysis,
    power, three-phase circuits frequency domain analysis, resonance,
    Fourier series, inductively couple circuits, Laplace transform
    applications, and circuit transfer functions. After that, I think I
    could benefit from a course in transistor basics, and in basic
    amplifier and op-amp design, basic oscillator design, etc. I am
    hoping to find a community college that offers these courses as
    distance learning. (So far I've found one near me, Northern Virginia
    Community College, which offers the electric circuits courses, but not
    the transistor/amplifier courses.) Any suggestions for such colleges
    would be much appreciated.

    (3) After taking those classes, I'm hoping to embark on a distance
    learning MSEE program. I see that quite a few are offered, some of
    them by some rather well-know universities -- Drexel, Colorado State,
    Columbia, Fairleigh Dickinson, Iowa State, UC Boulder, University of
    Illinois, UNC, Rensselaer, and others. I am curious to know if anyone
    has taken part in any of these programs, and how your experiences have
    been. I would also like to know if these Masters programs are taken
    seriously by the corporate world, and/or by other universities. Any
    feedback on the quality of the educational experience would be most

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