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Seeking electronics and programming expert for product prototype project...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Shane, Aug 12, 2004.

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  1. Shane

    Shane Guest

    I'm seeking a talented person for a particular design project.

    As you see, I did not use the word "engineer" even though being an
    engineer is a plus, however, I did not want to scare away any
    non-degreed electronic hobbyists who might be just as qualified. You
    must also have good programming skills.

    I'm a VP of Business Development for a medical device manufacturing
    company moonlighting as an entrepreneur. I have come up with an
    idea/solution for the consumer healthcare sector specifically dealing
    with medication compliance and safety, which is a major focal point
    within the healthcare industry. I have not brought this idea to my
    company since it's outside their niche, combined with the fact that I
    desire to put some tangible security in my future...;)

    The product is a combination of existing technologies, thus I need
    someone who can combine the various components, although some reverse
    engineering will probably be required. We also need to write
    programming functions for the device, and things such as drivers, as
    it will have the ability to be updated via a PC and the Net.

    I'm looking to have a working prototype within 90 days of finding the
    right candidate.

    Compensation can be based one of two ways:

    1.) Outright payment for engineering services, however, I have a
    limited initial budget.

    2.) A Partnership in which you provide the engineering sweat equity
    for the initial prototype in return for a healthy percentage of future
    proceeds from the product.

    Regardless, I pay for all material costs and travel.

    If the relationship between us works, there is no reason not to keep
    the partnership together, as building the prototype is just one of
    many needs that will be required.

    I'm not a fly-by-night dreamer, nor am I looking to take advantage of
    anyone. I'm sincere and honest with very good business references.

    If you're electronics and programming expert, young or old, degreed or
    a high school dropout, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are a
    non-linear thinker, can meet deadlines and are willing to work
    diligently to produce the best product possible and find my request
    interesting...then please contact me at .

    Before I can seriously explain and detail the product idea to you,
    I'll need your full contact information and you'll need to sign a
    non-disclosure agreement.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.

    I thank you for your time and consideration in reading this post.

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