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seeking audio adaptor mini xlr - jack

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by tg, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. tg

    tg Guest

    Hi, I'm looking for an adaptor that will connect my Shure lavalier
    mike (with mini xlr plug) to a quarter inch jack socket on an m-audio
    pictures here:
    I've tried studiospares, shure, m-audio, no luck. I'll make an adpator
    if I have to but I'd rather buy a ready made one. Thanks for any help.
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    What's normally on the end of the lead rather than a 1/4" jack ?

  3. You will need a custom-made adapter that will take
    the phantom power supplied by the MicroTrack and
    convert it to the voltage required by the microphone.
    AFAIK, this is not available as a commercial item,
    although is it not rocket-surgery.
  4. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    mike --------------------+---------------]|---------- to preamp
    | 10 uF unbalanced in
    \ 2.2K ohms
    - 9V battery
    gnd --------------------+---------------------------- gnd

    I don't offhand know which polarity the battery needs to be. I believe
    with the Shure mikes they need to have positive power.

    Before doing this, first make sure the 1/4" input has enough gain in the
    first place to deal with a mike level signal.
  5. "tg" wrote ...
    You have ~30V available out of the 1/4-inch connectors
    on the MT2496. You need to establish exactly what is
    the pinout and power requirements for your microphone.

    The required circuit is *SOMETHING LIKE* this one...
    which converts P48 phantom to 12V. A similar circuit
    can be used to produce whatever voltage your mic
    wants, and to route the power, signal, gnd, etc. as

    WHAT YOU NEED. Without the exact details of your
    mic, a precise answer is not possible. Do you have
    the complete model number of the microphone? Do
    you have the wiring diagram and/or pinout of the mic
  6. Tobiah

    Tobiah Guest

    Is this it?

    Ebay Item number: 120162286447
  7. "Tobiah" wrote ...
    That would be the right connector if it were male.
    (Obvious lesbian joke left to your imagination. :)

    But note that the interface between the OP's microphone and
    the 1/4" mic inputs on the MT2496 takes more than a simple
  8. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    That seller doesn't post to the UK unfortunately.

  9. "Richard Crowley" wrote ...
    This appears to show the pinout of your microphone and
    the wiring of the interface (page 10) .....

    If I am reading it correctly, your mic wants...

    Pin 1 = ground
    Pin 2 = power (+6VDC? from a casual glance at the circuit)
    Pin 3 = Audio out of mic
    Pin 4 = Pin 3 [dunno why?]

    You can interface it to the 1/4-inch mic input jacks of the
    MT2496 with a variation on Rick Chinn's circuit I cited
    previously. You would need to change the zener diode
    to limit to 6 volts, and change the wiring where it goes
    to the microphone head. It seems unlikely that you could
    fit the required components into either connector shell.
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