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Security Panel with IP Connectivity.

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by CCUBOSS, Jun 2, 2010.

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    CCUBOSS Guest

    Customer system hit by lightning. Wants a new panel that he can connect
    to via network. anyone got insight into any panels that have this
    feature? he had a dsc 5010. Normally I use Networx. GE has a network
    module NX590E. I have not used it. Looks like it is mostly for
    reporting. I think this customer is more interested in controlling the
    system via net. Any one use the 590E? how does it work? reliable? can
    the system be configured and programmed via net reliably?

    CCUBOSS Guest

    no, I hope that would be password protected. I would have the password.

    I'm sure he wants to be able to get an email notification of events.
    turn system on and off, bypass, etc. same basic functions as a keypad.
    check status of zones. maybe change user codes.

    Is there such a puppy?
  3. motley me

    motley me Guest

    Not sure about native net access, but you can go with something like a
    Xanboo gateway. Allows for a virtual keypad, notifications, and such.
  4. Petem

    Petem Guest

    DSC pc 4020 can do that with there software for the customer.. not the dls
    for the installer..

    but there ip connection was 10 mb/s max so its really old technology..
  5. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Napco P3200, P9600, and X255 can use their Net Link module and PCD manager
    to add and change codes and review system history, but does not allow access
    to dealer programming. I have used it on a number of X255 panels employing
    access control. On an access control panel it also allows for card and
    personnel management and access scheduling. (I think the 3200 is supported
    anyway. I just use the X255 for this.) Not sure about system status or
    arming/disarming. I do not think so. For THOSE customers I prefer to sell
    them a Wizard IIe instead. They don't even need net access to check their
    alarm or arm it. Just a telephone.

    I have not used their virtual keypad application. I suppose I should check
    it out.

    Dealer programming can be accessed via the regular dealer software through a
    net link module also.

    May 10, 2010
    a number of panels have great internet connectivity. The one you choose would really depend on how much the customer wants to spend and what features they need/want

    Paradox is the lower end on the cost spectrum The EVO48 is a great and versatile panel, I use it for pretty much all of my KeepSafe Systems installations and it is prominently featured on Mainly because of its' versatility. an IP module is required to connect the panel to the internet.

    Paradox also has a new panel called the Imperial. The IP connectivity is built into the unit and is ready to go. It comes with some advanced home automation features, however the integration is nowhere near that of Elk and HAI.

    Paradox also has a touch screen keypad which has just been released. They also just released a Touch sense keypad which is great for dusty environments (there is, however, a couple of minor glitches I recently reported to Shmuel and George which should be fixed soon - They are pretty good that way)

    Next would be a tie between HAI and the Elk M1. HAI is fairly easy to program, features and integration are quite impressive. Elk is slightly more integratable, however programming required a really high technical knowledge. The other issue with Elk is the remote access port being fixed at 80, which causes issues with many ISP's as they block port 80 on most non server accounts. This, however, can be fixed via port re-map. Like I said, a little more technically involved.

    HAI also has less expensive touch screen's but the Elk Touch screens are actually Windows CE devices so you can access the web COMPLETELY via them. Of course, they are running off "Billyware" which would account for the high price point.

    Internet access is built into the HAI, however Elk required an IP module.

    I hope this helps

    Personally, I love IP access as it makes remote programming so much easier. I have a KeepSafe Systems customer using an Ademco Vista 128 which I really want to nuke for a Paradox Imperial simply for the ease of use and remote accessability. I am getting really tired of dialing into the panel to arm it when the customer forgets to arm one of the partitions and the retail staff cannot arm the common lobby as a result. I would be much easier to pick up my Iphone and connect via TCP/IP.

    Paradox just hired a Linux guy in their design/engineering team. This should bring great options for Android phone users. Can you tell I'm stoked. - If you are looking for discontinued or new parts for your security alarm system, beit a keypad, motion detector, glassbreak detector, smoke detector or any other security alarm system part check us out. We are your Canadian source for all that is security alarm system. If you are in the USA, take advantage of the Canadian currency exchange end enjoy lower priced US Shipping rates.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2010
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