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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by George D. Siegle, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. The rep for our area dropped off a sample of the PIR, Key Fob and
    Door/window transmitter.

    They enrolled just like the ITT devices would on any GE product using

    They seemed to work fine, they also claim the same for NAPCO and DSC.

    Has any one else tried them????

  2. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    They seemed to be pretty good although I don't know how well they will work
  3. Norm Mugford

    Norm Mugford Guest

    They were great before they lost the law suit with Ademco.
    since then we stopped using their product. Too many problems.
    Their receivers aren't powerful enough. We keep losing sensors.

    Norm Mugford
  4. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    From looking at the web page they had to quit making Ademco parts but now
    make a larger receiver to add to any panel, is this what you are talking
  5. Norm Mugford

    Norm Mugford Guest

    That's the one I'm talking about.
    Problems with DSC, etc.

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