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Searching for somebody with tranceiver/baseband/computer interface skills

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by mikeing, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. mikeing

    mikeing Guest


    I'm searching for someone who wants to do a project with me. I could
    not find
    a newsgroup, i hope you guys do not mind that i
    post this here:

    We are searching for an Electronic Engineer who is skilled in:

    - Radio tranceivers
    - Baseband processor
    - Digitial computer interfaces (Analog to Digital)

    His task would include interfacing a tranceiver into a computer
    system or designing new IC boards.

    He would join a team of computer developers (kernel, driver).

    The position we have to offer is a research & development position.
    We are looking for a full-time employee. It is possible to work
    from home or from a different country.

    Contractors are welcome as well.

    Salary: 20k - 40k GBP.

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