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Searching for memory tester

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Roger Bourne, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Roger Bourne

    Roger Bourne Guest

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know of a good DDR RAM tester module (preferably ATE) ?

    The DDR RAM (which i wanted tested) is unknown to me for the moment. I
    just want to look at a pre-existing tester in order to get inspired for

    my own design. Thank you.


  2. Hi Roger

    I bought a 'RAMCheck' memory tester from Innoventions ( ) about 2 years ago. We were having trouble with
    one manufacturers DRAM chip working ok and another manufacturers
    equivalent showing intermittant problems in an embedded design. The
    tester has many adapters available to suit various chip packages as
    well as the usual PC memory modules. We found the variable timing
    feature useful in testing suspect devices at their timing limits and
    the tester found some errors, therefore helping us identify our
    intermittant problem as a timing issue with the part.

    Best regards
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