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search for a circuit about battery pack over current protection

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 15, 2007.

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    Dear power designer, expert ,and all interesting,
    I'm looking for a circuit about battery pack over current
    protection.This is a battery pack system,and it supply other
    electronical application power in consumable arean.It need a over
    current protection circuit to solve the safety problem.I have used
    National Semicondutor LM358,International Rectifier IR215,and Linear
    Technology LT6201,but not ideal.The simply specification:when 30V/20A
    cut-off the supply power loop,and when removed the load or the load
    current less than the maximum configuration current(for example: 20A)
    can automatic reset,in the other words now it can automatic start up
    supply power immediately. Others need low power consuming ,performance
    less than 1 mA or X uA. If you have any good ideal or experience
    be good at it to solve the problem,please email to me.My email is
    . Thanks a lot!
    Best Regards!
    Orientsu Song
    15th May,2007
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