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Sealed Lead Batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Pierre Desjardins, Aug 28, 2004.

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  1. Hi folks

    I plan to use two Yuasa NPO.8-12 12v 0.8Ah gelcells for portable radio
    amateur rig..

    I will use them in France where power is 50 Hz. I see that chargers
    available here in Canada always specify 60 Hz.

    So, do I have to expect some problems?


  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    It doesn't make any sense to ship something that heavy, only to find
    that it won't work properly. Just leave it, or sell it of you're moving
    permanently, and get a charger when you get there.

  3. Gene

    Gene Guest

    In Canada the residential line voltage is 110V/60Hz while in France is
    220V/50Hz so there are two problems:

    1. The voltage difference must be addresses by a step-down transformer 220V
    to 110V.
    2. The lower frequency will attempt to increase the magnetic flux of the
    transformer inside the charger, but its core will be pushed into saturation
    causing overheating. Remember the formula: Vp (RMS) = 4.44 x F x Np
    x PHIm? From this derives the rule that the ratio voltage/frequency has to
    be kept constant to obtain the same flux.

    One could have a transformer with a lower secondary voltage to avoid
    saturation, say 110 x 60/50 = 91.7V but then the charger will not have
    enough voltage to charge the battery.

    Conclusion: As well said by Rich Grise, don't bother taking it to France.

  4. JeB

    JeB Guest

    If I understand your question ... you will probably need to buy a small
    charger once you get to France.
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