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Sea 222 info

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Jerry, Jul 4, 2003.

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  1. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    Hi I am looking for a schematic or where I can purchase a service manual
    for a Datamarine Sea 222 SSB radio. I was on their web site and there
    seems to be no contact info. Any information will be appreciated.
    Please email me direct. (remove nospam from email address)

  2. Bruce Gordon

    Bruce Gordon Guest

    DataMarine bought out SEA about 10 years ago and operated it as a
    seperate company untill they both went out of business due to Bad
    Management Practices, and just plain foolishness. Their Service
    Department is still in business as of a few months ago, but they
    have few parts left for the 222's anymore. I have a complete set of
    Service Manuals for ALL SEA Equipment, and if there is anything that I
    am missing, I know who to talk to to get what I don't have.

    Bruce in Alaska

    Bruce (semiretired powderman & exFCC Field Inspector for Southeastern Alaska)

    Bruce Gordon * Debora Gordon R.N. Bruce's Trading Post
    P.O. Box EXI Excursion Inlet South
    Juneau, Alaska 99850 Excursion Inlet, Alaska 99850
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