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SCSI Toshiba CDrom

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Antonio Marcheselli, Feb 9, 2004.

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm writing from Italy so pls sorry for eventual syntax errors!
    I have a SCSI Toshiba CD ROM that is part of a professional machine (a
    PC based machine) that cannot be replaced with any type of CDrom
    because the eeprom of the cdrom (and of the machine) has been written
    for a special type of work. OnThis cd rom drives usually flash slowly
    when I insert a CD instead of stay off until something has to be read.
    It seems to work with no problems but I remember that I read somewhere
    that for Toshibas the slow flash of the unit's led means "fault" of
    the drive.

    Can anyone knows what exaclty means that slow flash so that I can
    check for a specific solution?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. If the CD-ROM drive is still functioning properly, there may be no need for

    To find out for sure, try to obtain information about your drive from Toshiba
    themselves, either through their customer contacts of their website.

    You'd only need to know if the slow flash indicates a problem.

    But, again, if the drive is still reading discs and is working properly without
    trouble, then the drive may not have a problem. - Reinhart
  3. Hi Reinhart!

    Thanks for your help.
    I agree that the drive perhaps has no problems. But usually if I open and
    close the tray make the led stop flashing. So I suspect something wrong.
    I'm worried because this drive is used continuously during the operation of
    the machine and if the drive stop working also for just one second the
    entire machine stop working. This is why I would like to know more!

    Thanks for your time!

  4. It takes time to spindle up CD when you close the tray. I suspect that
    flashing is just idication of reading data from CD, which is not
    possible until it achives required speed. I do have some Toshiba SCSI
    drives at work, so I can investigate how they behave. Do you know
    exact model of yours?
  5. Mirko

    No, it flashes all the time. Sometimes, when I open and close more time, it
    works perfectly without flashing. The manual that came with the unit (not
    the manual of the cdrom) says that when this happens the cdroms have to be

    I will check the exact model of the cdrom, they are '97 model.

    Thanks and bye!
  6. Badger

    Badger Guest

    The flashing of the LED is an indication of Data being red from the
    Disc, it stops after the requestee info is read. If you have a drive
    the is continuesly flashing its a good indecation of a read error from
    the disc.

    Could be the fault for the Disc itself of a dirty lens on the laser
    assmbly. Have you tried a cleaner disc??

  7. Mike.

    The drive flashes also when it does not work!! It is a slow flash.

    on..... off...... on....... off...... on........ off......

    When the drive reads data it flash faster but withe the same slow flash "on
    background", I don't know if it is clear!

    I've already cleaned the lenses. The strange thing is that I blown dust from
    the mechanism, I cleaned the lenses and the drive started working better.
    When it flashes slowly a power cycle was enought to stop it. After 1 month I
    can't stop that slow flash with several power cycle too.

    I repeat: the drive seems to work correctly but since on the manual I read
    that slow flashing means "fault" I would like to know what exactly is

    Thanks for your time!

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