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Scrolling LED display software

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Peter, Nov 6, 2003.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Does anyone know where I can get a BASIC program to control a moving
    message display via a PC parallel port. I want a full program not just
    the snippet of code to output data to the parallel port. There is a
    NASM version at that I could
    reverse engineer but hey, why reinvent the wheel?
  2. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest

    Only if you really, really, really want to buy and build
    this kit for the learning experience!

    The BetaBrite electronic sign is $169 at Sams Club, and
    includes Windows based messaging software to load messages
    from a serial port.
  3. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Gee thanks for the advice. I can spend $AUD109 for the one here or I
    can spend $AUD241 ($US169) for the Sams Club one. Hmmm, what to do...?
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