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Scott Reengineering Scott transformer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bob, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. bob

    bob Guest

    Not getting a response to the earlier post ( attached below) about a Scott
    Stereomaster 2400 I need approach it another way.
    I have a fried power transformer ( input winding shorted)
    It was center tapped and had two diodes in a full ware configuration being
    filtered with a 5000 uf 30 Volt Cap
    Also had a winding for a #49 lamp ( 2v)
    So the question is what voltage transformer should I replace it
    If I drive the 2 volt winding I get 17Volts on the questionable winding
    I calculate the 18 volt winding would give me about 25V across the cap
    Whereas a 24 volt transformer would give me 33 volts or so
    does this analysis seem correct

    I recently got a stereo 2400 unit that I was told blew fuses
    When I opened it up I found the power transformer primary open and obviously
    I provided dc with an external power supply and it seems to run fine so I'm
    in search of a replacement transformer
    I'm hoping somebody can tell me the output voltages of the original or even
    better have one for sale
    The primary DC cap is a 30 V unit so I used 24 VDC on the external supply
    there is also a second winding for the lamps
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