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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Thaqalain, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

    (1)The number of cycles shown on a scope for a given frequency is
    determined by?
    *Sweep Frequency
    *Volatge Scale
    *Ohm's Law

    (2)In a triggered scope sweep volume is started by ?
    *Sweep frequency
    *Trigger Potential
    *activated transformer
  2. Bob Eldred

    Bob Eldred Guest

    What the hell is this, A quiz?
  3. Ban

    Ban Guest

    No, this kid has distributed his homework questions into a couple of
    threads, really if he doesn't even know how to answer these, he better get
    out his textbook and study a bit, or he will have to repeat the class.
  4. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    No, final exams.
  5. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

  6. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Google describes s.e.b. as:

    Activity: High
    Description: Elementary questions about electronics.

    Considering your last few posts, others have a strong suspicion you're
    just using the group as a way to get answers to homework questions (a
    suspicion I share, I'm afraid).

    This isn't a moderated group, so users are free to post just about
    anything they want. This group gets its share of homework questions,
    along with bald offers to sell merchandise, pleas for work, get rich
    quick schemes, &c. It also gets a number of good hobbyist questions
    and legitimate queries.

    I suppose everyone's entitled to go to the well once for a homework
    poser. We all had to sweat out the books once, too. But homework
    questions are usually meant to reinforce material learned in class, and
    stretch and integrate the student's knowledge. There's usually a
    context involved, which is always missing here. Even if a question is
    answered correctly (which does happen frequently -- there are a number
    of intelligent and capable people who spend their time on this
    newsgroup, and several of them have already responded to your
    questions), unless the respondent is famailiar with the class and the
    textbook, there's no real education going on here. And in the case of
    homework questions, eventually you just have to read the book.

    And if you're an intelligent person who has found himself in a job
    which requires this knowledge and you don't have it, the solution is
    the same. You really just have to hit the books, man. The herbs, the
    spices -- it's in there. You can't get context from s.e.b. unless you
    want someone to write you a free textbook on s.e.b. right now. Not a
    reasonable request.

    The above is probably a good explanation of why most people won't
    answer homework questions here, and those who take pity on the OP tend
    to be kind of brusque. More than one gets irritating.

    Your immediate question indicates either a lack of command of the
    language (no real problem, that's OK) or a lack of knowledge of
    electronics. This is not the place to get a basic education in
    electronics. If that's the problem, I'd seriously recommend getting a
    few textbooks and just reading them. Google "basic electronics
    textbooks" (with no quotes) on the Google s.e.b. screen, and you'll
    find a number of threads in past years describing many texts that are
    available to help. If the problem is that you're just not having much
    luck communicating well, that's OK. Sorry to make a wrong assumption.
    Possibly you know someone who's more familiar with English, and can
    give you a hand in phrasing your questions in a more artful manner. I
    don't believe anyone who posts in this group reads minds, and they can
    only work with what you give them.

    For good basic background on the function and usage of scopes (by one
    possible interpretation of your question, the answer's a little more
    complicated than you'd think), the best net resource by far is "The
    XYZs of Oscilloscopes" by Tektronix. You could go to their website and
    search to get this page:

    They ask you to fill out a bit of a questionaire to access the .pdf
    file. It's well worth it. This .pdf file will tell you much of what
    you need to know about what oscilloscopes do and what they measure, in
    a good format suitable for beginners as well as engineers unfamiliar
    with electronics instruments. And this information generally isn't
    available in electronics textbooks. At some point, they just kind of
    assume you know it.

    Luck is usually the residue of hard work. So...

    Good luck finding answers
  7. Thaqalain

    Thaqalain Guest

    I am sorry for whatever u think about me.Chris,thanks a lot about your
    dtail hints.
    I believe that if u guide someone,your own knowlege increases,is this
    forum can delineate minimum standards for those, who are authorised to
    post their knowlege?
  8. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    You've got to be kidding.

  9. Bob Eldred

    Bob Eldred Guest

  10. Bob Eldred

    Bob Eldred Guest

    You could have at least disguised your questions into a less obvious form
    that doesn't look like they came directly from your home work. For example,
    you could have said: When I trigger my scope with an activated transformer,
    smoke comes out of the intensity knob. What am I doing wrong? Then one of us
    would be sure to answer.

    Looks promising, promises. I haven't exhausted this resource
    at all..also... is your friend. :)


    PS-Repeated from another post...I used to haev an entire list, but an
    OS "upgrade" done without my knowledge made it go away. :)
  12. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    As you've already noted, anyone is pretty much free to post anything -
    there is no "authorization" required, other than the google signup.

    The thing is, those questions were just flagrant homework test
    questions, and they are things that were already supposed to have
    been taught in the class, or at least learned from the textbook.

    In either case, just handing you the answer doesn't do anyone any
    good - if you get an answer here, and just fill in the blank on
    the test by these answers, then it's equivalent to cheating, and
    you won't learn anything; and secondly, you run the risk of some
    smartass posting completely wrong or misleading answers and
    embarrassing yourself in front of your teacher and classmates.

    Good Luck!
  13. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Nah, it's finals week.

  14. Fred Abse

    Fred Abse Guest

    More likely multiple choice homework questions.

    Damn lazy teacher, if it is
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