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Scope GPIB stuff

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Melodolic, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Melodolic

    Melodolic Guest

    I have a Gould OS4020 digital storage scope which is fitted with a GPIB
    interface. I also have a 'Brain Boxes' brand GPIB translator thingy that, I
    think, talks to centronics and RS232 ports. And a small laptop with parallel
    and serial ports.

    I don't know much about this, but I gather I can get stuff to happen if I
    connect them together in a meaningful way, and probably run some suitable
    software on the laptop. Something I'd like to do is capture a waveform in
    the scope, and then dump the scope's memory to the computer. The scope has a
    set of connectors on the side, including a couple of female D-type. I
    *think* these have something to do with the storage functions, but I don't
    have the manual for the scope. Can data be dumped through the GPIB bits, or
    does that only tell the scope to dump directly from its extra connectors to
    the computer?

    Can this sort of data dump be done? If not, what could I use the GPIB stuff
  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

  3. Melodolic

    Melodolic Guest

  4. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    This might be of interest.
    Don't know whether it supports your interface, though.
  5. Melodolic

    Melodolic Guest

    Thanks for that - the command line diagnostic tools could be handy. I have
    the docs for the interface, so a read of that and the toolkit docs might be
    in order.
  6. Depends entirely on the design of the scope, as every GPIB device will
    use the interface in it's own way with it's own set of commands.

    You'll first need the list of GPIB instructions available for the scope
    (in the user or programmers manual), then you'll know what it's capable

    Generally, any GPIB scope will allow you to set up all the usual stuff
    (timebase, trigger, vertical etc), and transfer the sampled data too.
    I'd be very surprised if you couldn't transfer the sampled data.

    The extra connectors are probably for some other feature, parallel
    printer port, serial printer/plotter, or external digital word trigger
    I greatly doubt they have anything to do with transfering captured
    data, that is what GPIB is designed for.

    GPIB "spy" software can come in handy if you have to play with the GPIB
    commands yourself instead of using the application that came with the
    scope (if any).

    Dave :)
  7. I have manuals for other Gould scopes as PDF (notably OS4000 and
    I have an OS4000 which I still use frequently - It's pretty straight forward,
    but I've never seen the manuals for it - any chance I could get the PDFs
    from you?


    [email protected] Collector of classic pre-PC computer systems.
    dunfield. If you have an old 8/16 bit non-PC system in need of a good
    com home, please contact me at email address on the left, or
    via contact link of this web site:
  8. Melodolic

    Melodolic Guest

    You have mail. :)
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