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Schneider DVDR HDD 160 Recording Freeze after some time

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Guest


    I have Schneider DVDR HDD 160 and when I record from any source to
    hard disk or dvd in both cases the recording process freeze after less
    than minute. The produced file when played also freeze after less than
    Also the recorded sound is not playing while on the unit, but I tried
    it on my pc after finalizing the DVD the sound is there but also the
    file is stopped at the same place and the speed of file is not normal.
    The time in witch the recorder file stops is different from each case
    but it is constant for each file.
    I tried from AV1 and AV2, and on Hard disk and DVD, also I changed all
    the configuration but still same problem.
    I even tried to record for 16 minutes but the resulted file stuck on
    the 29th second.

    any one can help?

    Thanks un advance
  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    You could try a full power off reset ( disconnect completely and don't plug
    back in for at least 1/2 hr ), but sadly, the chances of getting to the
    bottom of its problems are slim. I see fault descriptions like this on
    similar items that pass across my bench, all the time, and short of
    replacing whole sub assemblies, which some manufacturers do supply whilst
    the item is under warranty, mostly, there is little that you can do. You
    might try contacting the manufacturer to see if there are any known issues
    to be causing the problem. Occasionally, there are update files to be
    downloaded from their website, or update DVDs available. Daewoo are a
    favourite for that, and sometimes, very obscure problems are cleared up,
    just by doing a software reset / update.

    You might also check the power supply. Examine all of the secondary side
    electrolytics, and look carefully for any signs of their tops doming. If you
    have an ESR meter, check them all. If you have a 'scope, just make sure that
    none of the rails are dirty. Of the DVDR / HDDRs that are repairable, most
    of the ones that are not fixed by software, turn out to be power supply

    Sorry I can't be more positive ...

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