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Schmitt Trigger Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by mbillian, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. mbillian

    mbillian Guest

    I am interested in having slightly different trigger voltages for a
    circuit I'm designing. I've noticed that the 40106 hex inverter and the
    74HC14 have different positive and negative going values; both are
    greater for the 4000 chip. Is this particular to the 40000 series (same


  2. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    The threshold voltages for a logic-series schmitt trigger are going to
    vary all over the map from part to part and (most likely) over temperature.

    If your application is sensitive to slight differences in trigger
    voltages then you may want to look to using a comparator & positive
    feedback (and watch your supply voltage for it's accuracy).
  3. mitch

    mitch Guest

    Thanks for the advice.

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