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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by monitorGUY, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. monitorGUY

    monitorGUY Guest

    is there no free schematic repository on the net?
    i can find almost any guitar amp or arcade machine out there somewhere but
    commn things like TV's must be purchased.

    i would think that TV co would give away their schematics. personally if a
    co supported their product in that manner i would be much more inclined to
    keep buying that brand.

    trying to find a couple TV schematics.
    Zenith 27a11s
    sylvania 6427cta
  2. I.F.

    I.F. Guest

    Try this;
  3. monitorGUY

    monitorGUY Guest

    yeah they have it.....for $20
  4. I.F.

    I.F. Guest

    That site has come up a few times I've searched for schematics, in every
    case so far if they had what I wanted it was in a user upload area - and
    free download (subject to a quantity per month limit). So I don't know why
    they want you to pay!
  5. Handi

    Handi Guest

    When I used to repair TVs in my spare time twenty years ago I could usually
    find copies of TV schematics at the local library. I'm not sure if they
    still do today.

    Its likely true that anything can be found on the internet even schematics
    but like anything you do find on the internet, little is available for free.
    They'd likely have porn inserted between the transitors too.

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