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Schematic drawing program

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Terry Vacha, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Terry Vacha

    Terry Vacha Guest

    I'm a little confused with the results I'm getting when I do a search on
    Google for this. Perhaps someone here can help.

    I want a program that will allow me to draw solid state or mechanical
    relays, diodes, 555 chips, 7404 chips, light bulbs, etc. I'd like the
    program to have a library of the common symbols. I'd like the symbols for a
    555 or 7404 to look like those on the back of a Radio Shack package. In
    other words -- little rectangle showing the pinouts with the schematic
    structure showing within the rectangle that is appropriate for that device.
    I'd like also simple devices available in the "library" such as mechanical
    relays with a simple schematic showing the switch and magnetic coil and
    voltage inputs.

    I downloaded Eagle Layout Editor and can't seem to make a simple magnetic

    Any suggestions for some programs to draw circuits?

  2. I happen to like an old shareware program called DraftChoice for
    Windows. It is a general purpose drawing program that allows you to
    build any sort of symbol library you like and then make drawings with
    it. I'll post a clip of one symbol set I have made to
  3. See my notes and links to some 60 ECAD programs at

    Terry Pinnell
    Hobbyist, West Sussex, UK
  4. I've been most recently using the free software from,
    before that I was using the xcircuit program on linux.
    --email: icbm: Delray Beach, FL |
    <URL:> Free Software and Politics <<==+
  5. dB

    dB Guest

    If you only want to draw, and nothing else, use MS Paint. You can make
    up a library of shapes then copy and paste them to another instance of
    Paint opened at the same time.
  6. Terry Vacha

    Terry Vacha Guest

    Thanks all for the quick and complete response - - I'll play around with
    each of the packages mentioned and see what fits my application.

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