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SCART socket damaged

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by TENISTA, Jul 4, 2006.

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    TENISTA Guest

    Ok, I am going to try finding a kind answer.
    My s-video cable is DAMAGED. one of the four pins on the SCART broke.
    The cable is installed trhought the drywall. HOW DO I REPAIR A DAMAGED
    SCART. Can I cut the cable and try to buy another SCART?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Four pins? This is only wired for S-Video - no audio or control lines?

    Just fit another plug - they're cheap enough.

    Had it been a fully populated SCART it might have been worth just
    replacing the damaged pins - if you could find a plug of identical
    construction to pinch them from.
  3. Guest

    Tenista, is it an S-video connector or a SCART connector? They are
    different. The Scart (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils
    Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs) connector is used for combined audio
    and video connections. The connector is also known as a Peritel
    connector or Euroconnector. It has 21 pins in 2 rows. If you are in
    Europe you can easily buy another connector and use one of the pins in
    that. (They are usually removable). Open the plug by unclipping the 2
    halves of the shell from each other. Identify the wire to the broken
    pin. Pull out the broken pin by pulling on its wire or by
    gripping/pulling with narrow nosed pliers. Do the next thing outside
    the plug to avoid melting any plastic. Unsolder the wire from the pin.
    Bare and tin the wire appropriately. Solder the wire to the new pin.
    Push pin into its slit in the Scart connector. Reassemble shell.

    If, on the other hand, you have an s-video plug on the end of the lead,
    these are otherwise called mini-DIN plugs you can buy these in many
    places. It would be easier to cut the whole plug off and prepare the
    cable and cores for soldering on the new one.

    It is crazy to put cables in a drywall!!!

    Scart plugs cost from 1 to 5 euros where I live, and s-video plugs are
    around 6 euros
  4. Wonder why the s-video plug is so expensive? In the UK they cost 0.85 gbp
    (about 1 euro) from Maplin - which is hardly the cheapest source.
  5. Guest

    I just Googled and came up with Keene Electronics near Derby, £1.99
    for a plain vanilla or a super sexy gold plated job for £3.49. I
    converted to euros for the benefit of the OP who i suspect is not UK
    based. I forgot about Maplin.
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