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Scanner which can read text?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by jis, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. jis

    jis Guest


    I have got a label which has got bar codes and text informations I
    can read the bar codes thru bar code scanner. But I want to read the
    text informations in the label too. Can any one suggest not so costly
    method of doing this. I know we can use image scanners.

    Any crazy ideas ..pls share.

    I am trying to implement a label verification equipment.

  2. My Canon flatbed scanner came with text reading software.
    I guess you could parse the generated tiff for barcodes too.
    Bit slow though.
    And only works for flat labels.
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    That's the first bit.
    Here's the 2nd:

    If you do it right, you get the proper tool to start with:*-*-OCR
  4. EdV

    EdV Guest
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