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[ SC00148 ] Force Supreme - Stylewar EP

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by jerzy, Mar 2, 2004.

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  1. jerzy

    jerzy Guest

    As you may well know by now, Forcesupreme has become quite an accomplished
    producer in a short time, and practically right after his previous release
    here on Subco, which dates way back to early last year. Honestly, we almost
    didn;t expect another Sublogic release from him after he got signed on
    X-Trax. Luckily for us, and of coarse, you as well, the truth is very
    different. Forcesupreme returns with the Stylewar EP.
    Originally consisting of four tracks, with this release Peter shows off his
    polished sound and his accomplished feel for the style he produces, whilst
    maintaining sigificant variation between them.

    The first track, with it's rather -ahem- odd title, kicks of pretty
    straightforward and slowly evolves to something that is funky above all
    else. Certainly playable by any DJ, and enough to get a dancefloor going.
    Next up, Push in the Bush takes the concept a step further, being based
    solely on an old discoloop, a vocal that came with it, and some of
    Forcesupreme's insane filter madness. It's about equally funky, but its
    drive is a bit stronger.
    Better yet, this drive is taking us somewhere too: the other side of the EP
    and a track named Warpsig. Faster, darker, more driven and a lot more,
    well... techy. Clearly, the EP is going into a "later at night" realm.
    Originally the last track, After the Break heads in a different direction,
    surprisingly not being driven by plain 4-to-the-floor beats. It reminds most
    of some work by our own Finnish techno crusader Outgate, with a
    logic-defying rythym and brooding atmosphere.
    Added later, as a bonus, we find a remix of Warpsig by the already infamous
    Jerzz. It's not as crazy as some of his music, in other words it's not
    full-on "jerzzno", but certainly has it's own style, which -and we know
    Jerzz for just that- is darker than the original, and at least a little bit

    That says it all. Imagine a text this long about a mere 5 tracks. You'd
    almost suppose it has to be something special. We know it's a cliche, but
    still: just check it out! Truly, this is some music that deserves being
    played loud.

    A1 Cuntmustash
    By Forcesupreme
    [ Techno | 5"56' | 8.16 MB ]
    Netherlands , Sweden , Other

    A2 Push In The Bush
    By Forcesupreme
    [ Techno | 4"56' | 6.79 MB ]
    Netherlands , Sweden , Other

    B1 Warpsig
    By Forcesupreme
    [ Techno | 6"10' | 8.48 MB ]
    Netherlands , Sweden , Other

    B2 After The Break
    By Forcesupreme
    [ Techno | 4"13' | 5.81 MB ]

    Netherlands , Sweden , Other
    C1 Warpsig (Jerzz Imagination Remix)
    By Jerzz
    [ Techno | 5"12' | 7.16 MB ]
    Netherlands , Sweden , Other

    Total time: 26"27'
    Total size: 36.41 MB
    Date: March 1, 2004
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