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Saying goodbye to the I.T industry

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Andy, Oct 31, 2003.

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  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Following a year and a half of an un-successful job search for an I.T
    position (surprise, suprise!!)I have decided to jump ship and try and
    re-train myself as an Electrician, I am intending to enroll myself
    with my local college for a City & Guilds NVQ course Two evenings a
    week and also intend to go through the yellow pages and start sending
    off letters to electrical companies enquiring about trainee positions.

    Is this the best way of going about it?, how have other people found
    it getting into the Electronics business? and also I am currently 34
    years of age and live in the UK would this be a problem??.
  2. DJ Bartlett

    DJ Bartlett Guest

    This is exactly what I did.

    Evil Genius Consulting, L.L.C. (of which I am primary shareholder, and
    overlord) has been in existence now for 1 1/2 years... Soon it will have
    busted the odds entirely (it is common knowledge, of course, that 90% of new
    businesses fail within the first two years - which is why no one will give
    me any loans, naturally - SBA funded, my eye!).

    Nowadays, I'm a really unsettling cross between a general technical
    consultant, a cabling installer, an electronics technician, project manager,
    drafting person, secretary, gopher,and a remote network/informatioon
    security administrator/engineer/ high-level policy writer, and a desktop
    computer technician, to boot.

    I'm sure that there's about a kajillion other hats that I wear regularly
    that I'm forgetting to mention.

    I can't imagine ANYTHING not being challenging to do as a small business. it
    is probably best to start in an area that you know well already, so you'll
    have resources to do all the emergency learning, mistake fixing, and
    soul-searching that goes into running a fledgling business

    And I'm STILL cackling over the name of the company. I have, however
    received enough offhand negative comments related to the name, but impacting
    the actual WORK to convince me to register the DBA "eGenius Consulting," so
    that I don't wind up getting creamed by pre- (and post-) conceptions.

    Yes, it's corny. Isn't that the point?

    Why do so few people comprehend humor in marketing?

    DJ Bartlett
  3. z

    z Guest

    I worked with a DJ Bartlett
    You didn't work on the X or XI did you?
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